About Us

Dany Chan



Passion and determination.

In 2013, Ms. Dany Chan was ranked by Photographic Society of America (PSA) as the #1 Nature Division photographer in North America and #5 in the world, This is a remarkable achievement for such a late bloomer as her interest in photography developed only after her retirement several years ago. It was her love for travel that prompted her to delve deeper into photo-taking.

Over the last several years, Dany has traveled around the world in search of the most amazing subjects. Despite her small physical stature, Dany continues to capture stunning images, and at times under the most challenging environment.

Francis King



Strength and composure.

Francis King stumbled upon photography while in high school. Unfortunately due to school and, later work and family, Francis would not pick up another camera until he retired in 2008.

While the passion and the principle knowledge all returned quickly, the new technology meant some of the new techniques have to be learned from scratch. That challenge actually further fuelled Francis��� passion as he looked for that next best image.

Francis is an avid landscape photographer.  He travels around the globe looking for the most unique setting. The unpredictability in the natural environment presents challenges that both excite and exhaust Francis.