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Nature’s moodiness

Iceland, a small country whose name seems to imply frigid condition everywhere. Quite the contrary, however, as Iceland’s winter is actually a lot milder than Toronto. But the wicked wind and the unpredictable weather certainly left a distinct memory when we visited in late February 2015 and again in 2016. A pleasant sunny day can…
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Hong Kong Exhibition

Dany and Francis held an exhibition in Hong Kong’s Times Square in May 2015. Also titled ‘Celebration of Life’, this is a joint exhibition with local painter and philanthropist, Cecilia Cheung. The exhibition documents and displays a variety of forces of life in an effort to encourage the preservation of the earth for future generations.…
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Fresh milk, anyone?

Fresh milk, anyone? On the last day of our photo workshop in a small city near Guangzhou, my roommate and I got up early hoping to capture more local life in the early morning before heading to Shenzhen. We stumbled upon two vendors selling fresh milk - one sold cow milk and the other sold…
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Standing Strong

We have all seen footage on National Geographic or nature programs about elephants helping each other in times of distress or grieve. Interestingly, we have also observed similar emotional outpour from zebras during our trip to Tanzania in August 2014. While we were waiting for the wildebeest to cross a river, we saw a large…
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