Grizzly Fishing in Alaskan Rapids

This picture was taken in Alaska's Katmai National Park during the last 2 weeks of July. Katmai’s claim to fame is the iconic image of grizzlies snatching salmons as they jump up from the cascade (See Got One). Late summer is when grizzlies congregate to feast on salmon. The only way to get in the park is by float-plane with two options – commute daily or stay in the lodges which you have to book 2 years in advance.

Upon our arrival, we got a seminar on how to deal with grizzlies when we come in contact with them in the wild as they run freely in the park. In order to get to the platform where photographers are protected by raised enclosure, we have to walk through a forest. On our last trip, there were only two of us and some very large and fresh foot prints were evident. We were advised to keep talking or singing loudly so that they could hear us. By nature, bears are solitary animals and would normally avoid humans. Walking through this forest was an experience that one could never forget.

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