Nature’s moodiness

Iceland, a small country whose name seems to imply frigid condition everywhere. Quite the contrary, however, as Iceland’s winter is actually a lot milder than Toronto.

But the wicked wind and the unpredictable weather certainly left a distinct memory when we visited in late February 2015 and again in 2016. A pleasant sunny day can turn instantly into a rainy one followed by snow and wind. Just when you get yourself ready to brace the dreary elements, the sun and warmth would return.

In Iceland, they have road signs that tell the temperature and wind speed. Not knowing the speed was measured by meter per second, we thought 18 km/hr was quite mild when in fact it was actually 40 km/hr!

There is something about Vik, at the southernmost tip of Iceland. Both times when we passed by Vik, the weather was arguably at its worse. When a snow storm hit Iceland, we were advised to leave for Reykjavik. Unfortunately we left too late and we were in the midst of nastiest snow storm we ever faced in our life by the time we hit Vik. We were literally crawling on the highway. We could not see the road too far ahead except may be 5 meters at a time and many cars along the road ended up in the ditch.








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